August 13, 2022

Post Eyebrow Tattoo Care. The eyebrows stay that way for at least another two weeks. These are the guideline for microblading eyebrow tattoo care:

Eyebrow Tattoo Aftercare Shower Simple Ideas
Eyebrow Tattoo Aftercare Shower Simple Ideas from

Let us remind you that eyebrow tattooing is not an economical decision. After that the color subdues to a degree, giving the final permanent color. Use a soft clean face washer to wash your face and only dab at the tattooed area gently, no rubbing.

It Is Important Not To Pick At It Or Rub The Eyes.

They may appear swollen and bright in color. Your usual moisturizer can be applied. Let us remind you that eyebrow tattooing is not an economical decision.

Guarantee That All Soap Is Washed Away And Dry By Lightly Rubbing It With A Cloth.

Eyebrows microblading after completion post care instructions. If you tint your brows, tint it at least one week prior to the procedure. Use every 30 mins to absorb any excess lymph.

The Eyebrows Stay That Way For At Least Another Two Weeks.

Do not pick, pull, scratch your eyebrow tattoos at all. Do not practice any cleaners containing acids or exfoliants. The cost of eyebrow tattooing may range from $50 to $800.

In The Morning Give Your Brows A Very Gentle Cleanse With Warm Water And Soap.

Any waxing or brow shaping should be done at least 2 days before. Let your brow tattoo dry heal for the first 10 days following the procedure; No water, cleansers, cream, makeup or any other products on the treated area for 10 days;

It Needs To Breath, And Unless Your Home Is.

The first thing you need to do when thinking about aftercare for eyebrow tattooing is not to cover the brow with a bandage. Soon you will be returning for your eyebrow tattoo follow up appointment where your artist will see how you’ve healed. Allow the scabs to form and fall off naturally;